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There are lots of specials to grab from the Micro Center discount stores. Here, you are sure to find products you will love that fit into your budget, making you spend below what you initially planned, irrespectively of what you are purchasing. 

Whether you want to upgrade your present electronics or shop for top brands' computers, they got you covered. You are guaranteed to get the most incredible bargains when you shop for Micro Center laptops, PC, or video games and accessories.

To enjoy all the Micro Center deals, you can keep up to date with their weekly ad to be among the first to partake in what's in stock for all shoppers.

Furthermore, you can also keep tabs on the Micro Center Black Friday 2022 sales ad and save on your favorite electronics, gaming, and computers that boast exceptional quality. There are even more bargains for you if you get hold of the Micro Center coupon, offering enormous discounts on wide selections of products that include what you'd love.

Their weekly ad is usually published on Wednesday, and it is available for one month or two months. However, the current Micro Center deals, which are valid for 11/18/2022 - 12/02/2022, can be found here. The time is limited, so make sure you take your chances now!

About Micro Center


Micro Center was founded in Columbus, Ohio, in 1978 by John Baker and Bill Bayne. It operates in 25 locations nationwide, including Ohio, Kansas, California, Georgia, and Maryland, with about 2,750 employees (2016), and it is headquartered in Hilliard, Ohio, US.

The chain also launched an online shopping platform, providing an exceptional shopping experience to customers who detest shopping inconveniences. You can search and order for the products you want through the Micro Center online store with ease and enjoy just 18 min in-store pickup for whatever you purchased. 

Anyone can browse all the Micro Center deals on the online store and be the first to take full advantage of what's available for their region. With the Micro Center gift card, you can walk into any of their in-instore and obtain selections of products at fair discounts. The Gift Card can only be used in-store; hence, you need to drive into your local store to make the most out of it.

In addition, Micro Center builds PCs of any type-custom built. Their seasoned technicians have vast experience building computers that can be tailored to suit your unique specifications.

Their Store hours are usually between 10 am to 9 pm (Mon-Sat), and 11 am to 6 pm (Sun). However, you can check their official website, www.microcenter.com, to find out if your closest store is open and learn more about getting Micro Center Graphic Cards.

Micro Center falls under the Electronics category along with other stores like Aaron's, Best Buy, Boost Mobile, BrandsMart USA, Electronic Express, Newegg, Rent A Center, T-mobile and Verizon.

What you should expect to get from Micro Center


Here, you will always find exceptional quality products that meet and exceed your expectations. Their range of products include:

  • Varieties of premium quality computers, including desktop computing, portable computing, portable accessories, etc. 
  • Apple products such as Apple computing, iPods, iPhones, software, hardware & accessories, iPods, etc.
  • Computer parts like processors/CPU, motherboards, computer memory, cases & streaming, drive & storage, expansion cards, etc.
  • PC Builders, including streaming & gaming, showcase, builders. 
  • Electronics like televisions, monitors, home theater, cellphones & accessories, digital photography, etc.
  • Maker/STEM, such as 3D printing, boards & projects, retro gaming, quadcopters & drones. 
  • Networking, including wireless networking, modems, networking accessories, servers & NAS.
  • Accessories like cables & switch boxes, keyboards, mice & tablets, power & protection, CD/DVD/Blu-ray Media, etc. 
  • Software & gaming such as home & multimedia, books & movies, console gaming, PC & Mac Gaming, etc. 
  • Server & Repair, including custom PC build & upgrade, software services, repair services, technical support, etc.

You will find all the fantastic Micro Center deals itoffers its customers on their latest Micro Center - Black Friday Deals.

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Black Friday deals

On Black Friday of every year, Micro Center consistently offers mouthwatering discounts on a wide range of premium quality products to shoppers. And if you browse through our website, you will find Black Friday deals 2022 and the latest Micro Center flyer termed " Micro Center - Black Friday Deals", lasting from 11/18/2022. You will definitely make the most out of this year's specials by checking Black Friday 2022 ads of the various stores in the US. If you want the best bargain this season, ensure to check Micro Center 2022 Black Friday deals to avoid missing out on anything. Black Friday special is already here! Save some dollars with us today! If you want to make the most out of this year’s Black Friday sales, then get ready to shop by checking the latest flyers from Black Friday!. Discount also applies to the entire range that you can see on our website and not only the "Electronics" section.

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